1991 Hess Truck & Race Car – Read Details!

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1991 Hess Truck & Race Car – Read Details!

Original Cost: $10.99
Manufactured: 1,300,000
SKU# H1991CCL-01


This truck carries a friction-powered race car resembling a Lamborghini. Note the 27 white, amber, and red lights; red wheels and chrome attachments. Both the trailer and the race car display “Hess 1991″ on the rear license plate. The box contains a picture of the truck parked next to a Hess Gas Station on each side and operating instructions on the bottom. The battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order. The box shows slight wear with a small tear on one end (see pics). Complete with top & bottom inserts. The truck measures approximately 12” in length.

Truck – Mint / Box – 9.8 Condition


“This is a clearance item & sold as is with no returns”



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