1984 Hess Tanker Truck

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1984 Hess Tanker Truck

Original Cost: $4.99
Manufactured: 1,000,000
SKU# HL1984-11

  • The Hess imprints on the truck are now molded into the plastic and no longer use the stick on decals with the exception of the rear decal on this edition.
  • Truck measures approximately 13″ in length and in mint condition.
  • Has working head and taillights, and a removable hose.
  • This year truck has a coin slot added on the top rear of the tanker and is a bank for saving money.
  • Complete with top & bottom inserts and battery card.
  • Colors on truck are bright and crisp.
  • Box is in excellent condition with only a small tear on the end flap (see pic).

Truck – Mint / Box – 9.8 Condition



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