1967 Hess “Red Velvet” Truck – Bargain Buy!

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1967 Hess “Red Velvet” Truck – Bargain Buy!

Original Cost: $1.39
Manufactured: 300,000
SKU# H1967-16

  • Here is a great deal for the collector that is just starting out or someone that wants a hard to find piece at a bargain price!
  • This truck comes in a white box top with a “Red Velvet” base for the bottom unlike any of the other Hess trucks.
  • The truck and decals are in excellent condition for it’s age with only slight wear and has the large decal on the rear of the tanker (see pics).
  • Chrome parts are all original, in excellent condition with bright color.
  • Battery compartment is clean, lights have been checked and are in working order. Passenger’s front headlight is dim but lights.
  • Red velvet base is in excellent condition and all original (see pics).
  • The top of the box is in excellent condition with some warping to the paper graphics but all in tact (see pics). Both inside top inserts are also included and have the same warping as the top (see pics). There is a 1″ split on one corner (see pic) but the rest are all good. I was a little hard on the rating of 9.0 but this still displays nice and sturdy as you can see!
  • Comes complete with the battery card also in excellent condition.
  • Truck measures approximately 13″ in length.

Truck – 9.9 / Box – 9.0 Condition


This is a clearance item and sold “as is” with no returns.



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