1965 Hess / Travelers Tanker Truck – Super Rare!

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1965 Hess / Travelers Tanker Truck – Super Rare!

Original Cost: $1.39
Manufactured: Less than 5000!
SKU# T1965- 01

  • Hess produced a total of eight different B-Mack toy models with funnels which included Hess, Service, Billups, Gant, Etna, McCoy and this model Travelers!
  • Less than 5000 each of these trucks were produced making this is one of the hardest trucks to find in any condition especially with the box & funnel included!
  • Set comes complete with truck, box, funnel, funnel holder, tissue paper and rare battery instruction card.
  • The trucks decals are all in near mint condition and have bright graphics (see pics).
  • All the parts are present on the truck and in excellent condition. The only flaw I can see is a couple of small dot marks on the passenger’s side fender (see pic).
  • The battery compartment is clean and the lights have been checked and are in working order.
  • Bottom of the box is in excellent condition with strong corners and no repairs (see pics).
  • The top of the box is also in excellent condition with bright graphics but shows wear and a faint smudge mark on the left side (see pic). There are no repaired corners.
  • It also comes complete with the battery card in mint condition.
  • Funnel & holder are included. Funnel has some decal loss (see pic) but in excellent condition considering it’s age and usually the first thing to get lost!
  • The truck measures approximately 12″ in length.

Truck & Box – 9.9 Condition



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