1964 Hess Tanker Truck – Beginner’s Special!

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1964 Hess Tanker Truck – Beginner’s Special!

Original Cost: $1.39
Manufactured: 150,000
SKU# H1964-21

  • This truck is designed after the B-Mack tanker and is painted the old company colors of dark green and white with bright yellow accents.
  • Manufactured by the Marx Toy Company, it was designed to be filled with water from the top with the small funnel and then drained from the hose beneath the tanker.
  • Measures 12.5 inches long and has working head & taillights but is missing the front lenses.
  • Truck is in excellent condition for its age and comes complete with top rear cap, hose & nozzle and rear bumper that are usually missing on these collectibles.
  • Lights have been inspected and are in working order.
  • Decals are all present with slight wear and in excellent condition (see pics).
  • The box top shows some age and no corner splits or repairs but missing the graphics on one end (see pics).
  • The bottom box shows wear but nice overall for its age. (see pic). 
  • A great piece for someone that is looking for one of these gems at an affordable price!
  • Complete with truck, box, funnel with holder, rare insert card & battery card.

Truck – 9.7 / Box – 9.3




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